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Economic system

GRM, assumes all the expenses of the judicial proceedings, with the exception of the Judicial Fees, in those companies, investment funds and financial entities that go to the judicial action to recover their unpaid payments.


  • Adaptability

Our economic system is adapted to the needs of the client, the most common and effective being the remuneration consisting of a percentage derived from the success of the management.


  • Variation of Percentages

The remuneration percentages may vary depending on the expenses that the client may assume, but also on the type of credit.


  • No prior investment

The client does not assume any expenses, thus allowing the judicial management not to entail any cost for the client and therefore not requiring any investment for the recovery of their credits, applying the percentage of remuneration exclusively on the amounts recovered.


We propose excellence in the recovery of credits, which has made our system in the treatment of unpaid debts the most agile and technologically the most advanced.


We cover all judicial parties in the national territory.


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