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Judicial Claim Specialists

Global Recovey Management works with the knowledge and experience of more than 25 years in the management, control and judicialization of consumer credit claims of any nature, for companies, financial entities and investment funds.


We are constantly renovating to improve the quality and effectiveness of our services, adapting to the structures and needs of each client, which has made our system in the treatment of unpaid debts the most agile and technologically the most advanced on the market.

Judicial action


  • Assignment of Records, File Debugging,

  • Integration in own application,

  • Preparation of the different complaint procedures,

  • Sending and presentation of demands,

  • Monitoring and control until the end of the process.

Global Recovery Management is a specialist in non-payment procedures, ordinary and verbal judgment.


Control is absolute and constant throughout the life of the process.


There are no delays or delays: there is always an up-to-date vision of the process everyone's situation procedural milestones

Friendly Action

Global Recovery Management can carry out a comprehensive management of collections in a friendly phase, which can be joint or independent from the judicial process, always as a means of obtaining the best results and ensuring their immediacy.

GRM works to get payments and out-of-court settlements that ensure the collection of the debt as soon as possible.


Once the friendly way has been exhausted, tailor-made for each client according to their criteria and requirements, we start the judicial process.


Parallel to the purely judicial process, the extrajudicial management team through the contact suite and with pre-established campaigns manages to find recovery formulas.


Negotiations with the firmness and security of having a judicial procedure that will continue to advance in the event of non-payment.

Our experience and results support this formula.

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